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To truly appreciate Alaska's vast and unspoiled natural beauty, you need to get out in it - away from the roads and communities on an unforgettable Alaska lodge vacation. Our Alaska travel experts have handpicked 20 of the finest lodges in Alaska for our guests, each with something special to offer. Read on for more information or click below to review lodge stay options.

The Alaska Lodge Experience

Staying at a remote wilderness lodge is a travel experience unlike anything you may have done before. This is life-list territory. Being off the road system is part of what characterizes remote Alaska lodges. Most lodges are accessible only by plane or boat. Many are located within, or adjacent to, the nation's most legendary, wild and unpopulated national parks and wilderness areas. This means wild animals greatly outnumber people and wildlife viewing and photography opportunities are the best of the best. Many lodges are also situated to take advantage of their area's geography - whether on the coast, on a lake, along a river or in the heart of a 6-million-acre wilderness, the surroundings offer tons of recreational opportunities. Many lodges are all-inclusive, meaning all activities and meals are included in the per-night price.

Choose Your Lodge Type

The lodges below are divided into categories to help make choosing from among this list of standouts a little easier. At a bear-viewing lodge, expect the focus to be primarily on viewing and photographing bears. Prime locations for bear viewing include Lake Clark and Katmai national parks as well as the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, where populations are particularly dense. Coastal lodges enjoy all the attributes that come with being on the ocean, including fishing, beachcombing and kayaking, to say nothing of fresher-than-fresh wild Alaska seafood served daily. Inland lodges are often situated near lakes or rivers. Depending on the lodge, activities could include hiking, photography, boating, bird watching, sport fishing or simply enjoying a quiet walk across the high-Arctic tundra. National park lodges are located in some of Alaska's most popular national parks, including Denali, Kenai Fjords, Glacier Bay and Lake Clark. Our selection of premium lodges offer everything the other lodges do but add some extra-special amenities, like top-notch meals prepared by a James Beard chef, massages, yoga and other luxurious touches.

Let our selections guide you to your ultimate Alaska wilderness vacation!

 Bear Viewing Alaska bear viewing lodges include Katmai National Park with world famous Brooks River Falls as well as the Katmai National Park and Preserve coastal areas, plus Kodiak Island or Cook Inlet estuaries. Overnight lodge based adventures also offer world-class photography opportunities. Stay at one of Alaska’s great wilderness Lodges and experience living in the midst of Alaska's magnificent wildlife! 
 Sport Fishing First class fishing lodges provide all-inclusive services with daily guided fishing, great meals and comfortable accommodations. We offer a great selection of quality fishing lodges that will ensure you dream fishing trip while in Alaska is the best it can be. 
 Coastal Lodges Alaska has 6,640 miles of coastline, more than the rest of the lower 48 states combined! From Glacier Bay National and Kenai Fjords National Park’s to Kodiak Island there are several great opportunities to include a coastal lodge stay in your itinerary. Along with wilderness settings providing jaw dropping scenery these lodges offer a selection of activities such as guided kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing and sport fishing. These lodges offer great adventures and all-inclusive services. 
 Inland Lodges Alaska is 1/5th the size of the entire lower 48 state combined and offers some of the most amazing wild lands on Earth. Our inland lodge selection includes Denali National Park as well as other mountainous areas of Alaska’s great interior. Activities include lodge based hiking, wildlife viewing and photography. Several lodges also offer fly-out adventures to see more of Alaska’s great wilderness. Personalized service along with comfortable accommodations and meals are standard. 
 National Park Lodges Visiting a secluded lodge located in one of Alaska's National Parks provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience all of the wonders of these great lands. The National Park lodges that we offer in Alaska all adhere to protection of the delicate eco-systems that surround them, while presenting guests with memorable educational opportunities while experiencing true wilderness areas. Each lodge offers well trained staff and high levels of comfort in excellent facilities. 
 Premium Lodges The select few lodges we have designated as premium, not only offer amazing experiences in the Alaskan wilderness, they have also taken extraordinary steps to provide personalized services such as wellness programs, private helicopter excursions, and world-class cuisine. 
 All Lodges Choose from 20 of the best lodges in Alaska. Each is different with a wide diversity of activities, and their locations are as varied as only Alaska can be. Planning to include a lodge will provide another reason to explore areas in Alaska you might not normally visit. The list is impressive – Cordova and Prince William Sound; Kodiak Island, the Brooks Range; Gates of the Arctic National Park, and Denali National Park. This is where the finest Alaska vacation experiences are found. We know the lodges personally and have made the selection based on our experience and customer feed back. 
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