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Wildlife viewing is among the most popular activities in Alaska. And with an abundance of critters in all regions of the state, your ticket to mind-blowing Alaska wildlife viewing is simply choosing what you want to see and booking one of our favorite Alaska wildlife-viewing tours or overnight adventures. Read on for more information or see below links to review wildlife viewing tour options.

Bear Viewing

Most Alaska travelers dream of seeing a majestic brown bear scooping salmon from a rushing river or frolicking with its adorable cubs, and with tens of thousands of black, brown and polar bears in Alaska, all it takes is being in the right place at the right time. That calculation is all about salmon - bears spend most of their time fishing, eating and feeding their cubs. Our selection of tours is designed to showcase different bear viewing hotspots at different times during the summer depending on where salmon runs are strongest. Each tour's detailed description includes the peak dates for its location.

Whale Watching

Perhaps it's not surprising to learn that whale watching is also closely tied to salmon (and other species of fish and krill). Pods of orcas can be found feeding on salmon as they return to the bays and rivers systems they were born in. Humpback whales feed almost nonstop while they're in Alaska each season, mostly on krill and other tiny species. Seals, sea lions, otters and sea birds all gather where food is plentiful, and the guides and boat captains on our hand-picked selection of Alaska whale-watching tours know the best spots.

Birding in Alaska

Our St. Paul Island birding tour is truly for birding experts, designed to showcase life-list species found virtually nowhere else in the world. St. Paul Island is a remote island in the Bering Sea and home to thousands of migrating bird species as well as a large fur-seal rookery. This tour allows birders to check dozens of species off their life list while experiencing the rugged beauty and unique combination of Aleut and Russian culture found in this remote part of Alaska.

Read on for more details on full-, half- and multi-day Alaska wildlife viewing tours.

 Alaska Bear Viewing Experiences - Overnight Tours Bear watching adventures with overnights in wilderness lodges include Kodiak Island, Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park. 
 Alaska Bear Viewing Experiences - Day Trips A day trip to see bears in the wild is a great addition to any itinerary. Bear watching excursions are available from Anchorage, Homer, and Kenai to Katmai National Park and Lake Clark, Juneau to Admiralty Island, Ketchikan and at Pack Creek from Wrangell. 
 Bird Watching Adventures A very exotic range of bird species migrate great distances to Alaska in summer. World-class birding opportunities include St. Paul in the Pribilof Islands. 
 Whale Watching in Alaska Whale watching in Alaska is amazing, watch these gentle giants in their summer feeding grounds. Day trips and cruise to view Alaska's wildlife up-close are great additions to any itinerary. Destinations include Kenai Fjords and Glacier Bay National Parks. 
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